Finding the materials of the future with AI

KoBold Metals® discovers the materials critical for the electric vehicle and renewable energy revolutions

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To help save the planet, we must electrify all cars & trucks…

EV batteries require cobalt, nickel, copper, and lithium – we’ll need all of the world’s reserves of these metals plus another $12 trillion of new sources.

More than 99% of exploration projects fail to become mines, and the industry now spends three times more to make 60% fewer discoveries compared to 30 years ago.

Finding new deposits requires the ability to peer into the Earth’s subsurface in innovative ways.


  1. World-class geologic experience,
  2. Extensive data collection, and
  3. Powerful AI technology

Partners with

  • leading mineral resources companies like Rio Tinto and BHP,
  • private mine owners and junior exploration companies.

Accelerates discovery, and responsible development of previously unknown battery mineral deposits buried deep below the earth’s surface.

KoBold has developed two proprietary platforms to power discovery:

  1. TerraShedSM, a comprehensive data system aggregating and structuring more than a century’s worth of data from around the world; and
  2. Machine Prospector® a library of predictive models that interrogates TerraShedSM to identify previously unknown mineral deposits buried deep below the earth’s surface and dynamically guide where KoBold’s ground and helicopter teams survey, sample, drill, and discover.


  • Stakes exploration land claims—either on its own or in partnership with others
  • Has positions in over 30 projects across 3 continents
  • Profits by owning all or a portion of the mineral resources discovered.

Partnerships include

  • Exploration Alliances with Rio Tinto and BHP
  • Earn-in agreements with exploration companies
  • Joint ventures with mine operators to further explore existing mine licenses

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