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Bloomberg: US Bets on $2.3 Billion African Railway to Help Deliver EV Revolution

Bloomberg's Matt Hill traveled to the Mingomba deposit to report on KoBold's pioneering use of AI to explore for copper and other critical minerals for the green energy transition. Read here about our travels to an AI-fueled copper project in Zambia, and a train from Congo to Angola, showing why ...


CNN speaks with CEO Kurt House about the historic Mingomba deposit

KoBold Metals CEO Kurt House spoke with CNN’s Julia Chatterley about the role AI played in defining the company’s historic Mingomba copper deposit. A modern-day treasure hunt!@BillGates & @JeffBezos backed mining startup @KoBold_Metals CEO @kurtzhouse discuss their #AI driven explor...


Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos made a bet on mining start-up KoBold—now they’ve struck gold

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Bill Gates-backed mining company discovers vast Zambian copper deposit

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AI-Powered Miner Says It Found Huge Copper Deposit in Zambia

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Billionaire-backed KoBold says open to partners as it plans $2 bln Zambian copper mine

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Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos-backed startup discovers large-scale copper deposit in Zambia

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The climate case for a career in mining

"A few startups are bucking the trend. The most prominent is KoBold Metals, a Bill Gates-backed minerals exploration company and Silicon Valley’s first mining unicorn, a term for a privately held startup valued at over a billion dollars. "KoBold, an industrial affiliate of Mineral-X that has fina...


a16z Names KoBold to 2024 American Dynamism 50 List

Leading Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm and KoBold Metals investor Andreessen Horowitz has named the company to its 2024 American Dynamism 50 List, a group of groundbreaking companies tackling some of the world's most pressing issues. Check out the just-launched American Dynamism 50: AI editi...


Mingomba Deposit Q4 2023 Update

We've released a new quarterly video update discussing our achievements at the Mingomba Deposit last year. The update also includes new metrics and goals, driving us forward in our mission to pursue the future of mineral exploration. [embed]https://youtu.be/jbpHkJhDxKI[/embed]