Career Opportunities 

Senior Data Engineer

In this role, you will design and develop software to accelerate discovery of battery metals, and you will architect and construct the global geoscience data system that underlies our digital exploration program.

Principal Geoscientist

In this role, you will generate novel ideas of where and how to explore and put them into practice through rigorous analysis of geoscientific data and close collaboration with KoBold data scientists

Senior Geologist

In this role, you will identify opportunities with rigorous evaluation and ensure that we safely and effectively conduct our field programs.

Senior Data Scientist

In this role, you will build predictive models and apply a wide range of scientific computing, statistical, and physics-based methods to find places where there is evidence of ore-forming processes at work and to predict the locations of ore-grade mineralization in 2D and 3D.


In this role, you will be part of the core team responsible for identifying targets, conducting rigorous geologic assessments of ground for potential claim-staking or acquisition, and performing geologic analysis as well as planning and conducting field work on our properties.

GIS Data Specialist

In this role you will be responsible for curating geoscientific datasets and using them to build well-organized and styled GIS projects to support our exploration and scientific discovery efforts.

Exceptional candidates for roles not listed above are welcome to email resumes and cover letters to