Applying Big Data & Superior Science to Exploration

KoBold Metals is investing in battery materials projects across the globe by combining basic ore-deposit science, big data, and scientific computing with patient private capital.

Meet Our Team

KoBold Metals has assembled an unusually experienced and scientifically sophisticated team.

Founders & Executives

Kurt House, Ph.D.


Jeff Jurinak, Ph.D.


Josh Goldman, Ph.D.


Ian Pearce


Science Team Leads

Murray Hitzman, Ph.D.

Economic Geologist

Peter Lightfoot, Ph.D.

Exploration Geologist

David Broughton, Ph.D.

Exploration Geologist

Larry Meinert, Ph.D.

Economic Geologist

Data & Software Team Leads

Elizabeth Main, Ph.D.

Data Scientist

Jessica Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

Data Scientist

Mark Topinka, Ph.D.

Data Scientist

Data & Science

KoBold Metals applies statistical modeling, big data aggregation, and basic science to materially improve the pace and efficacy of natural resources exploration. We are applying our proprietary platform, Machine Prospector™, to explore for new sources of ethical cobalt from reliable jurisdictions.

Our Investors

KoBold Metals is backed by private capital committed to long-term value creation through technological innovation.


Robust and ethical cobalt supply for the electric vehicle revolution

Cobalt is uniquely useful for making the high capacity, fast charging, long-lived, and safe batteries needed for wide adoption of electric vehicles. Unfortunately, the incumbent cobalt supply is ethically challenged, concentrated in unstable jurisdictions, and insufficient to meet growing demand.

Career opportunities at KoBold

Data Engineer

In this role, you will help develop software that accelerates discovery of new supplies of cobalt, and you will help build a worldwide geospatial dataset that underlies our digital exploration program.

Senior Associate – Business Development

In this role, you will lead KoBold’s commercial evaluation of potential asset transactions and conduct economic analyses to inform KoBold’s exploration strategy.