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KoBold Metals employs big data, scientists in pursuit of battery metals

KoBold Metals is investing in battery metal projects using big data and scientific computing with capital from billionaires including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

The privately held California-based company has also lured David Broughton, the world-renowned expert in sediment-hosted copper deposits, to lead its hydrothermal systems team.

Among the team are Jake Edman, director of machine learning, a data scientist and atmospheric physicist who has a PhD in earth and planetary science; Jessica Kirkpatrick, who earned a PhD in astrophysics and Elizabeth Main, who has a PhD in physics, who are directors of data science; and Peter Lightfoot, magmatic systems lead, who spent 20 years as a geologist with Inco and Vale and was a member of the team that made major discoveries in every one of the cobalt-producing nickle-copper sulphide deposits in Canada.

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