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SEG Podcast: Discovery to Recovery – Episode 5: Exploration – Are we Swamped by Data?

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In this podcast, we will be talking about something everyone in geoscience can’t stop talking about…DATA. Whether we’re collecting data, cleaning data, processing data, analyzing data or interpreting data, we are surrounded by it, thinking about it, and using it to make big decisions about our projects. There are many different aspects of data, but I wanted to focus on one today: Development. Geoscience Developers have a unique position in the data space in that they’re the ones usually building and creating tools that help us understand our data better.

Our first story is with Joanne Wood, the Director of Data Engineering at KoBold Metals. Joanne explains some of the tools she’s helped create in her time with Kobold Metals: “We’re doing a lot of exciting different things, but much of the software that we’ve built falls into two broad sort of products…Machine Prospector™ , and TerraShed™.”

Machine Prospector™ is our proprietary software for modeling, machine learning, analysis and prospect generation and expansion for data intensive exploration work. In this software we can do things like quantify the uncertainty around measurements that we have or data that we have. We can calculate our probability of success in different areas, and we can look for areas of interest with techniques that are more sophisticated than the simple ones that often employed today.”

TerraShed™ is the other piece of what we do. And that’s our data store which unifies aggregates and quality controls data from a wide variety of sources and formats it into a homogenous form that is used by all members of our team for analysis, visualization, investigation, and even modeling.”